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Funny never new of elevator action till now

This is pretty good The game audio made it funny and ur sense of style is always good looking foward to more

Freaking funny

WOW dat was funny it was good to da graphics's r good and the animation was well done But I only wish dat it could b longer anyway dis movie cracks me up good job

Um ok den werid

Dis movie had no plot what so ever but funny 4 a good laugh I liked it was pretty good

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This game is good but It still has some bugs like
at the end when u fight that boss guy I just die for no reason fix that pls
but pretty good game.

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Its very good

I like it.It sounds cheerful and full of life.Its a wonderful Piece
Tho I feel like something is missing.Like some really good lyrics to with this awesome song to make it a Hit-single.tho Lyrics or not its still very good :) definitely worth a download

Creepy and awsome

This is pretty freken creepy and u you no wat I like it
it could fit a horror flash
nice job

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This one came out really Nice
Her legs look wonky but those are hard to draw
Besides the legs everything looks good
Awesome job

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Frost-Candy responds:

Thanks, yeah I'm still getting the hang of this. :D

Not bad

The body Came out good but the face needs work
Keep Practicing cause you got potential
Oh and her breast look.odd but meh Nice job over all

Frost-Candy responds:

Yeah I've noticed, but this was the first thing I made so I was too happy with the fact that I actually made something :P

How nostalgic

This Brings back memories. I like the style shes drawn in.you really did her Justice
that grumpy expression is dead on.
The colors are really Nice and the scythe is pretty cool Kinda miss the little flower on her Dress but meh Over all this awesome.
Good Job :)

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